Sunday, August 17, 2008

“Traditional” Tatertot Pie

This recipe is taken from the deep (deep, deep, deep…) southern trailer park my family hails from. It is definitely a redneck dish, but has a special place in my heart (literally and figuratively) because of its history in my family. Use this recipe at your own risk!***Disclaimer: There is absolutely nothing in this dish that is remotely good for you. Still, it’s great for potlucks or if you have a death wish involving clogged arteries.

Preheat oven to 350F
Bakes in 10 – 15 minutes

Tastes Great With: Plans as covered by Band of Horses from Friend EP
Listen Here: Plans
Purchase Here: Friend EP

Calls for:
*2 cups cooked pasta or rice (or a mix of both, if you’d like)
* ½ tsp garlic
* ½ tsp horseradish
* 1 ½ cans cream of mushroom or cheese soup (canned cheese soup exists, trust me)
* 1 package tater tots (or other potato finger food/ hasbrowns)
* Pepper to taste
*4 cups of cheese (divided into two cup portions)
- Bake tots in oven until crisp.
- While tots bake, cook rice (or pasta or both).
- In pasta pan stir in garlic, horseradish, canned soup (either cream of mushroom or cheese soup), 2 cups of cheese, and pepper to taste.
- Line casserole dish with layer of tots, pour a portion of the pasta/rice mixture on top and top that with cheese.
- Repeat layering by making another layer of tots followed by a layer of rice/pasta and then cheese.
- Top with tots as a “crust” and sprinkle with remaining cheese.
- Bake until cheese is melted, 350F for 10 - 15


Amy said...

Love the blog! I'll have to email you some of my fave recipes. Mmmm, food...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly! This is Betsy! Amy just told me that you had a blog and I wanted to check it out. :) And, I hear that you are student teaching. I know that it can stressful and frustrating at times so call me if you wan to vent (360-791-5643). I thought I had your number but apparently the woman on the other end wasn't you...oops! Also, I have Josh for Christmas and wanted some ideas. Anything he is dying to have? When you come over for the holidays, I hope that you can stay with us and see our new house. We love to share! Good luck and have a super Friday!
Love, Betsy